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10 small corner rock garden ideas and tips

10 small corner rock garden ideas and tips

The design of a rock garden and the arrangement of stones is something we must choose according to our taste. So the decision is subjective and very personal. Therefore, that is why in this article, we are going to present to you small corner rock garden ideas and tips. However, we suggest looking at as many gardens as possible before starting your own. First, take a look at the different designs that already exist. Most of the surface of the stones should be buried in the ground. You can also have small stones on your garden path, for example, or on your garden border. Preferably use fewer stones, but make a selection of old stones.

10 ideas and tips for creating your rock garden

10 small corner rock garden ideas

A beautiful idea for a small flowery rock garden

Stones remain the preferred material when it comes to a rock garden. The older they are, the better. Gravel is generally used as decoration around plants. You will also need fertile soil. Use the top layer of soil and, if necessary, add organic or mineral fertilizers. Concerning the plants, instead, choose ornamental mountain plants, which adapt better compared, for example, to exotic species.

Another rock garden idea

There is a wide choice of ornamental plants, but using only a few plants of different types is advisable. Choose plants from the same group rather than other groups. Your garden space is what will determine the size of the rockeries. Also, think carefully about their colors and beautifully arrange them. Many plants like warm weather, but some species prefer cool weather. So be careful when making your choice.

Consider creating a natural stone waterfall

The shrubs are evergreen and do well for the winter to keep your rock garden from looking gloomy. Azaleas, dwarf conifers and mountain pines are also suitable for your garden.

A small natural pond is always a good idea

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the essential golden rules for creating a successful small corner rock garden take inspiration from our pictures gallery before you get to work! Whatever the size of your project, know that a garden worthy of the name can never lack decorative stones!

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Modern rock garden with decorative white gravel

Wild rivers make your dream, but you will never be able to afford a watering hole similar to that found in natural rock gardens. Stay calm if your land does not allow you to create a pool of water since there are plenty of other ways to realize your dream. Choose a location suitable for the size of your land and make a carpet of white pebbles. You will be amazed by the result! The small decorative pebbles will eventually take on the shape of a wild river.

Flowering rock garden with perennials

What could be better than creating a little green paradise dotted with perennials and multicoloured flowers? Whether it is a back garden or a front garden, feel free to consult a horticulturist’s opinion if you need more clarification.

To make your alpine garden a success, you have to choose the right plants

Resistant plants, exotic varieties, romantic flowers, all these marvels play a decisive role in creating the small corner rock garden of your dreams! Apart from the typical plantings of rock gardens, you can allow yourself some fantasies by adding a string of exotic flowers, for example. As for the choice of essential plants, do not hesitate to contact a competent specialist who will help you make the best possible choice.

Wild plants and ornamental grasses for this magnificent corner of rockery!

Perennials are essential for your rock garden. You can choose to dispose of them, such as edelweiss, cyclamen, armouries, alyssums, alpine poppies, and Antennaria, as well as herbs such as lavender and thyme, which are also suitable for your garden.

Flowery rockery with a small waterfall to enhance the facade

Although grasses are part of perennials, they can be mentioned separately. Blue fescue, bear grass, and Kentucky bluegrass will beautify your garden space.

Low plants for your dry garden

Here are a few small corner rock garden ideas. It would help if you had sloping ground. And if you don’t have such a land, you can try to create it. Use rocks or cobblestones and gravel. When it comes to planting a dry garden, it is not easy, but once you are done, there is little left for you to do afterwards. Regarding plants, choose those with large and powerful roots.


We hope you found some helpful information in this article and that you can incorporate it into your rock garden. Your land must be on a slope. Arrange the perennials well between the stones. Also, choose the soil well for the plants, which is very important for plant growth. Remember that some plants prefer places that are not hot. Also, make a small garden pond and arrange some shrubs or small trees to create perfect harmony. You can also add birds to your decor. What do you think of our small corner rock garden ideas? Isn’t that great?