4 Small Home Changes That Can Add $10,000 Value

home changes that will add more value

These home changes are so easy to apply!

When it comes to selling your home, it is easy to increase its value with a few small changes.

When remodeling expert Cherie Barber renovated her Sydney home, she was able to add a total value of $10,000 with four simple tricks.

After spending a total of $5,000 on exterior renovations, Mrs. Barber asked a real estate agent for an appraisal.

A thorough evaluation confirmed that the small changes Mrs. Barber has done to her home made all this change.

From cleaning to exterior painting to replacing fixtures and furnishings, increasing the value of a home is easier than you might think.

Read on to know how?

1.Front gates and pathways

home changes to add value

The first major change Barber did to the exterior was to create a clear entry path leading directly to the main door. She cut a hole in the existing fence and created a front gate.

In addition, the house’s existing mosquito net was removed to make the front door more visible.


painting as home changes to add value

Next, the exterior walls, including the driveway, were painted. The fence was also finished in white and a darker color.

The existing door was then painted turquoise blue to add a touch of color. However, you can choose different colors according to your preferences.

But, it is better to focus more on bright colors as they represent positiveness.

3.Planter box

planter box

Barber asked a carpenter to install a custom planter in the front garden and planted pretty, bright flowers to add color to the house.

These planters add a beautiful view to the house as they make it look more natural.But, you have to choose the right type and size that make a harmony inside your home.

4.Small touches

small touches to add value to your home

To top it off, this creative woman added a number of small, inexpensive touches. These included letterboxes, number signs, spotlights, and upholstered benches.

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