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5 New Home Design Trends we Will See in 2023

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If there is one thing that is certain in 2022, it is that the blockchain has fundamentally changed the way we live.However, home design trends have been affected too.

Everything from the materials we choose to design our living spaces changed throughout the pandemic.

As the end of 2022 approaches, we expect to see several new trends in architectural design that will likely influence our remodeling, construction, and renovation plans in 2023.

We have identified emerging trends in residential architecture and design based on user data.

Antimicrobial materials

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This year and in the years to come, hygiene will be increasingly important to us, and we will see it incorporated into our living spaces.

Bathrooms are expected to introduce automatic sinks, touchless flushers, and infrared sensors to reduce unnecessary contact.

Kitchens will likely show similar intentions with the introduction of voice-activated appliances and sensor-enabled cooktops.


bricks interior home design trend

According to the latest findings, brick was coming back in 2023. Not the red bricks from the 1960s that we all know, but beautiful bricks used to add warmth and character to a space.

Adaptable layouts

adabtible layouts home interior design

A home should change and grow with the family. Many people consider multifunctional rooms to make the most of their space.

 More and more rooms also have walls that can be moved or opened and closed as needed.

Nature as savior

nature based interior home design

Anyone who has survived a lockup without an outdoor space knows that nature is essential.

 Architects and interior designers are already reporting a demand for designs that connect indoors and outdoors. Thus, outdoor spaces will likely be the most sought-after area for future improvements.

Biodesign furniture

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Making furniture and objects from waste materials, bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms is known as “Biodesign.” It is one of the most widespread home design trends nowadays.

The technology to make furniture from these organisms is already well developed and is a trend suitable for eco-friendly homeowners.

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