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7 wallpaper home design ideas!

wallpaper home design ideas

Your home is your little paradise, so you will like to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition to getting the right furniture and other essential and luxurious home appliances, you need a welcoming and refreshing feature wall that blends in with your interior decor . And although there are many options for wall decorations on the current market, we will discover 7 ideas for wallpaper home design.
More than just a trend, wallpaper never stops reinventing itself to better surprise us and meet our expectations; They are trendy due to various ideas and patterns. It can turn a boring space into something more vibrant and creative. With wallpapers, you can inject character into your room.

Wallpaper: what is it?

Wallpaper is a decorative material used as a wall covering in homes or buildings.
More or less made of paper, it is used to cover and decorate interior walls and partitions; attached with a unique adhesive, the wallpaper is renamed stripes when placed vertically and sashes when placed horizontally.

The different types of wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making a comeback in recent years. The offer is vast in terms of material, colors, and design, so the wallpaper fits easily into all types of decoration and house rooms. Very trendy, some high-end wallpapers imitate wood, ceramics and even metal. Here are 4 of the different types of wallpaper and their uses.

  • The traditional wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper, made up of sheets of paper, is the most common and best known. There are several thicknesses: it is called “simplex” when it is composed of a single sheet of paper and “duplex” with 2 thicknesses. Some of these wallpapers are made with recycled paper and therefore have the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Traditional wallpaper is easy to install and the cheapest on the market. But beware, it is fragile and difficult to maintain because it cannot be cleaned. It also does not tolerate humidity. It is not recommended in high-traffic rooms, given its low thickness. In addition, you must install it on well-prepared, smooth, clean and dry walls for maximum life.

  • The vinyl wallpaper

This wallpaper is made using paper, but it is covered with a layer of plastic, PVC (Polyvinylchloride), which gives it excellent resistance. It is also waterproof, so effortless to clean even with a damp sponge. This type of wallpaper is suitable for humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Installing vinyl wallpaper is easy, and this coating is inexpensive. It also has the advantage of being able to hide certain defects present on the walls.

  • Non-woven wallpaper
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Unlike other wallpapers, this type sticks directly to the wall—no need to cut and glue strips before laying it, which is, therefore, clean and easy. This wallcovering is made of cellulose or textile fibers and is covered with a layer of vinyl, hence its good resistance to tearing.
To remove it, non-woven wallpaper does not require any specific product. Due to its better quality, this wallpaper costs almost 20% more than others. It is available in a “ready to paint” version. Once installed, all you have to do is choose the paint colour that will best suit your rooms and your home style.

  • Expanded wallpaper

Foam wallpaper is a very thick wallpaper that contains PVC. During manufacture, the latter is brought to a high temperature and then offers material effects, such as relief or embossing, which give a room a cosy atmosphere by adapting to all styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most design.

What materials do I need to hang the wallpaper?

What materials do I need to hang the wallpaper

To successfully install the wallpaper, the material is essential. You need :

  • Wallpaper paste,
  • A glueing table,
  • A stepladder,
  • A glue brush,
  • A meter ;
  • A brush,
  • A cutter,
  • Scissors,
  • A joint wheel,
  • A sponge.

How do I prepare my wall before wallpapering?

Before applying the wallpaper, the wall should be cleaned. In this way, remove the old wallpaper using a stripper. Clean the wall with a sponge and soapy water. Then apply filler to fill any holes in the wall. In addition, if the wall is damaged due to mould, use an anti-mould product to be able to install your wallpaper correctly.

7 home wallpaper design ideas!

From the bedroom to the kitchen, wallpaper never ceases to invade our homes, and that’s excellent news! Discover, through 7 inspiring interiors, how to adopt it in your home!



Want to transform your bedroom? Why not adopt wallpaper as your headboard design?
To perfect the sleeping area, it is, for example, possible to put wallpaper at the head of the bed and thus create an original decor. In addition to bringing the character to the bedroom, it can also give depth to the room. When used on the headboard, the wallpaper provides rhythm and creates relief on the wall according to the model chosen.
An excellent way to bring a soothing or even exotic atmosphere to the sleeping area. Graphic models, often abstract, are also popular. They get character and create rhythm throughout the room. Not to mention the panoramic wallpaper that immerses the bedroom in a dream setting. Have these examples convinced you to add that little extra to your headboard? Leap and get inspired!

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The wallpaper in the bathroom! And why not?
The bathroom is the wet room in the house, as it is subject to splashes and steam. A traditional wallpaper couldn’t resist. It would peel off very quickly. That is why choosing a suitable wallpaper for the water feature is necessary.
It will not only be resistant to humidity but also treated in such a way as to be washable to prevent lime deposits and mould.
Two types of wallpaper are particularly suitable for use in the bathroom: vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper.
The advantage of wallpaper is that anything is possible. There is a multitude of patterns and colors. You can therefore give free rein to your imagination and your desires.
Whatever the style of decoration chosen, you can find the ideal paper in the vinyl or non-woven collections for a vintage, contemporary, zen or retro bathroom.
However, specific recommendations should be known to obtain a harmonious result, especially since the bathroom is often negligible. It is therefore not necessary to load the decoration.
If the bathroom furniture takes up little space and is light in color, you can dare to use bright colors and large patterns such as tropical-style wallpaper.
On the contrary, if it is a long and narrow bathroom, or if the furniture is dark, it is better to opt for plain and light wallpaper.
In any case, the wallpaper allows you to play on colors, contrasts, volumes and light.



Whether we like to concoct good meals, the kitchen remains an essential living room in a house, which we use several times a day. Just like a bedroom or a living room, it is no exception to decorative trends! We carefully think about its layout, accessories, and materials. This is the secret recipe for a nice kitchen that is functional, optimised, and well-decorated.
So don’t be surprised to learn that wallpaper, the flagship wallcovering of stylish interiors, has adapted to the constraints of the kitchen to give it a trendy, sometimes even quirky, look. The wallpaper, we eat all the sauces! The fashion is for wallpaper with flowers or geometric patterns, for XXL panoramic wallpapers, or trompe-l’oeil wallpaper (in perspective or imitation of materials, wood or concrete, for example). The decorative possibilities are endless for adopting the wallpaper trend in a kitchen. You are bound to find a design that you like!

Children’s room

Children's room

The wallpaper never ceases to seduce us. Having become essential in decoration, it is inspired by all the trends. Tropical pattern, vegetable print, metallic reflections, it is displayed, at your choice, discreetly or in a panoramic version. And no one is forgotten: children are also entitled to playful decorations specially designed for them, with motifs with childish lines full of tenderness.
Soft colors, and light and poetic pencil lines, these wallpapers are designed to stimulate their imagination and are perfect for creating magical atmospheres and taking them on a trip. Exotic decor populated by adorable little wild animals, enchanted forest, diving into the marine world… There’s something for everyone and everyone’s dreams.

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Revamp your staircase and give it an original touch with trendy wallpaper. It is possible to dare a little fantasy in this part of the house without fear. Choose, for example, a floral or jungle print. Botanical patterns such as Liberty or XXL prints are also welcome. We also rely on textured or natural fiber wallpapers. Consider graphic shapes such as checkered or striped wallpaper for a designer look.



Damaged, tarnished or yellowed, the refrigerator may show signs of wear over time. To remedy this while embellishing it, there is nothing better than a makeover. The wallpaper remains the best trick easy to achieve to customize this household appliance at a lower price.
Vinyl wallpaper is one of the practical and inexpensive options for personalizing a refrigerator. It is possible to find different models and colors (landscape, fruit, text or characters) in DIY stores.

Living room

Living room

In a living room, opting for non-woven wallpaper is preferable. Covering a single wall or a section of wall is recommended to avoid the feeling of crushing and suffocation in this room. The others can be covered with paint or plain wallpaper in a neutral color.
Be careful if you choose printed and patterned paper; we mainly refer to the dominant color.
A few rules allow you to make the proper selection in this room which must be warm. It is mainly its exposure that will guide your choice.
In general, the blues bring a feeling of calm, appeasement, and softness. They are well suited to the Scandinavian and even contemporary or refined style. Only downside: they can cool the room.
Patterned wallpaper in shades of green has a soothing effect and brings nature into your home, as with panoramas of plants.


Wallpaper has become famous for a long time, and in almost all apartments, the walls are decorated with this material. If you have decided to update the look of your home, we recommend that you read our article. You will get great ideas about your interior design with the wallpaper.