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8 Brightly Coloured House Plants to Spruce up Your Home

brightly coloured home plants

Everyone knows by now how great an impact brightly coloured house plants can have on interior spaces.

House plants can make a room more stylish, a house more livable, and add a much-needed touch of nature.

Many people prefer lush houseplants with big leaves and greenery, but sometimes you want a little more colour in your home.

So if you want to add colour to your indoor garden, this list is for you.

All these plants can survive indoors, and their foliage is colourfully decorated.

1.Pink polka-dot plant – Hypoestes Phyllostachya

This plant prefers bright indirect light and temperatures below 16°C. It prefers well-drained soil.

2.Cordyline fruticose kiwi pride

This is one of the amazing brightly coloured house plants that prefer filtered light, but can tolerate a little direct sunlight. Water regularly.

3.Tradescantia tricolor

An unusual, easy-to-grow plant that needs the soil to dry out completely when watered deeply. It likes bright, filtered light.

4.Hoya carnosa tricolor

This plant prefers a sunny position and only drinks when the soil is barely dry.

The Hoya Tricolor plant is loved for its thick, waxy, succulent leaves with pink to off-white variegations.

Because of its drooping form, it is often planted in a hanging basket.

In addition to its lush foliage, the plant also produces delicate flowers that give off a slightly sweet fragrance.

5.Nerve plant – Fittonia

This plant likes high humidity and prefers bright light and shade but avoids direct sunlight. It gets better in moist but very well-drained soil.

6.Variegated Croton

Croton prefers a sunny location, but some can do well in semi-shade. However, light exposure will affect the colour of the plant. This plant prefers moist soil.

7.Coleus plant

Place this plant well-lit, but avoid the hot afternoon sun. It keeps the soil moist year-round and likes slightly warmer temperatures.

8.Persian shield plant

This plant can be put indoors in pots and prefers full sun to partial shade. Don’t forget to keep moisture and humidity constant.

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