Farmhouse Interior decoration

A farmhouse decor for an authentic atmosphere


Whether you live in the city or the countryside, the farmhouse decor is ideal for getting away from it all and bringing nature to your home.

Suppose there is one thing that country houses have. In that case, they are always natural and comfortable, which is influenced by both the architectural elements of the buildings and the materials used in the interior decoration. Its decoration uses wood, stone, clay, and natural fabrics to warm all the rooms.

A farmhouse decor : solid and functional furniture above all

A farmhouse decor

If you want to create a “farmhouse” atmosphere in your country house, there are a few simple rules, especially about furniture. Indeed, the farmhouse decor is a style that corresponds to adjectives like “simple,” “authentic,” or even “pure.” There is, therefore, no question of choosing furniture that is too convoluted or with an overly busy style because farmhouse furniture is above all furniture:

With simple shapes, straight lines, and unfussy: square tables, rectangular sideboards, mismatched chairs… and above all, nothing superfluous: if a piece of furniture is in the room, it means that it has its uses!
Solid, which was bought to last over time rather than look pretty (even if the two are not incompatible !).
Who sees things on a large scale: large tables, large benches, large sofas… so that all family members can easily find a place. Yes : the “farm” style is, above all, a convivial style !

Wood, wood, and more wood!


To adopt a farmhouse decor at home, there is a material that is downright essential: wood, of course! At the same time, warm, natural, and ecological are necessary for authentic and green atmospheres. Be careful, though: to give the impression that you went to recover your furniture in an old flea market or a small farmhouse, be sure to choose furniture in solid wood, raw wood, aged wood, or ceruse wood rather than wooden furniture. Varnish, a little too clean for a decor that smells of the farm!

Another material that lends itself perfectly to the country style ? Linen is a material that is both aesthetic and solid, which can be found on the cushions of a rocking chair or a sofa, on a floor lamp shade, or a large tablecloth…

What are the keys to successful decorating?

To create the authentic and warm atmosphere of a pretty farmhouse in your home, you must bet on solid and functional wooden furniture and a few carefully sourced accessories. For example :

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Colors and fabrics

Natural. Both in the fabrics -with texture and weave- (wool, cotton) and in the shades. The rustic style trend of decades ago, based on dark woods, strong tones, and paints, has fallen into oblivion. Now the rustic is clarified, although there are more striking pieces.

Antique wooden furniture, painted in pastel colors, shaped. White or washed or natural wood helps us achieve the effect we are looking for: a calm environment. Brushstrokes of colors are added to this neutral base. The prints that triumph: flowers, stripes, and animal and botanical motifs.

Elements of the terrain as decoration

Collect elements related to life in the countryside: agricultural tools, hats, jugs, ceramic plates… and transform them into decorative objects. You will create a special atmosphere. For example, a corner where the wall is shaded under the brim of several straw hats.

Do you have an iron plate? A candle? They will be perfect in a corner on the ground or a table with other more current decorative accessories. Mixed!

A metal egg basket

It makes it look like you’ll be picking up your fresh eggs from the coop every morning!

old wicker baskets

old wicker baskets

Of all sizes and shapes, in which you will slip newspapers (next to the sofa), dried flowers (in the bedroom), onions, and shallots (in the kitchen)…

A nod to the traditions of the region where the house is located, to the roots that always place the house in its context, in addition to linking to that farmhouse decor that looks so good in rural constructions. A composition of flavored objects of different sizes always successfully decorates.