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Tips for american pro decor !

americain pro deco

America, with its mix of cultures and ethnic groups, has developed a very particular style of home design (american pro decor) with its distinctive elements and furniture that have been engraved in our memories thanks to the multitude of American movies.

8 Deco Tips for an American Style!

In the 60s, we find different influences that characterize the style of American homes, such as Vintage, Colonial, Victorian, and the rustic ranch style typical of large farms.

What elements characterize the American style?  We will find out here.

The presence of wood

american pro decoration

Wood is the most used material in American homes (especially oak, walnut, and mahogany) because it is functional and “solid,” in line with American pragmatism!
Do not overload the rooms; the atmosphere should be warm but balanced. You need a large table for the dining room because Americans like to have big dinners!
The presence of wood is dominant. Choose light colors for the cushions and a light parquet floor to accompany it.

The kitchen with central island

kitchen american pro decor American Style

The American kitchen must have a modern spirit, equipped to the last tool!
The island structure brings a touch of friendliness because the kitchen will be connected to the living room or the dining room. What characterizes American homes are the large open spaces, especially for the day area.
The central island has everything to please. Americans opt for an XXL size island, but there are also small ones that you can arrange with or without a dining area, in contemporary or more traditional style.

The 60’s decoration

old kitchen

In the 1960s, it wasn’t just fashion that was hip and trendy – the interior design and architecture also reflected the trends of the time. One room that gained a unique function in the 1960s was the kitchen. Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling woodwork or chartreuse laminate countertops, kitchens are anything but boring in this day and age.

The dressing room-cabin

The dressing room

Luxury is space!

The dressing cabin is designed to facilitate storage in every detail. It is a room dedicated to storing your clothes and shoes equipped with an automatic lighting and a simultaneous door opening.
You can store everything in plain sight and within easy reach, and it helps keep things tidy.
Organize the cubicle with a nice mirror and choose carpeting for the floor to make the atmosphere more welcoming.

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The campaign decor

kitech decoration

Here is a slight original touch that will decorate your kitchen and give life to your walls while allowing you to store kitchen tools, dish towels, and bouquets of herbs, as suggested by Linen Tales Deutschland with its line of accessories.
A wooden beam cuts the silence of the white wall to give a warm atmosphere thanks to this small detail; your kitchen will be unique!

The colored curtains

The colored curtains

The curtains make the decor. They dress your windows and bring a natural personal touch to your home.
One tip here: dare to color and decorate! Here are blue curtains with white dots proposed by vmstormvps for a rustic effect.
Finish it with a bouquet from your garden on the table! They allow you to bring a touch of color to the room, cultivate a cozy note and play with light.
There are many possibilities to enhance your windows.

The fireplace

The fireplace

Do you want a place where the family gathers to joke, play and look at vacation pictures?
The fireplace plays a central role in a cozy living room where you can share a meal with friends.
The charm of wood and its soothing sound is one of the best natural sounds for relaxation.
The fireplace creates a calm atmosphere and, of course, warms the living room.

The presence of a veranda


Whether it’s raining or sunny, the veranda protects you and allows you to enjoy the space outside while being protected.
The veranda is a living room! It is a great way to expand your home and has multiple benefits.
Imagine yourself on a summer evening sharing a meal with friends protected from a sudden storm!

Which American-style decorating element appeals to you the most?