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Bathroom ceiling ideas

Bathroom ceiling ideas

Whether doing or redoing your bathroom, it must be thought of from floor to ceiling. In this article, it is the ceiling that we will be particularly interested in and bathroom ceiling ideas to achieve it. Indeed, it should not be neglected for a bathroom that will have to resist time and humidity.

Bathroom ceiling ideas: what to put?

For the ceiling of your bathroom, there are different solutions. You can opt for paint, paneling, ceiling tiles, plaster, or even plasterboard.

Ceiling paint for a bathroom

Ceiling paint for a bathroom

The paint can use in the bathroom. This solution is entirely suitable and has the advantage of being easy and quick to implement. In addition, to dress the ceiling of your bathroom, this solution has the advantage of being economical. To choose it well, you can turn to a special wet room paint. You can opt for acrylic or glycerol paint.

The coating

The coating

Another solution for the ceiling of your bathroom is to use plaster. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen one is suitable for damp rooms. The coating is a little less easy to apply than ceiling paint for a bathroom. It requires preparation of the support which should not neglect for a successful result.

Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles

If your support is damaged or you want to cover it, you can turn to ceil tiles. This solution is easy to implement since it involves polystyrene or polyurethane plates which are very light. Generally, it is enough to stick them to the ceiling. They are available in different colors or patterns. They are simple to install. This economical solution makes it possible to renovate a bathroom ceiling with defects.

The paneling


If you like wood, you can opt for paneling in your bathroom. It comes in different materials. Each of them will allow you to create a different atmosphere.
Indeed, solid wood paneling will bring a “chalet” spirit to your interior. However, to last over time, it requires significant maintenance.
It is possible to opt for exotic wood paneling, which is more suitable for damp rooms, but its cost is higher.

Laminate is more durable. It’s quality/price ratio makes it an attractive solution that can install easily. Indeed, it is possible to install it directly on another coating.
You can also opt for PVC models with different colors and finishes.

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Finally, for lovers of contemporary design, it is possible to turn to metal paneling.

The plasterboards

The plasterboards

If you want to refresh your bathroom more radically, you can turn to place. This solution is more difficult to implement, and depending on your DIY skills, it may be necessary to call in a professional.

This option is of great interest, especially in cases where the room’s ceiling is in poor condition, if lead paint has been detected, etc. For this piece of water, it is advisable to install green plates because they are water-repellent. Once installed, they will need to be covered with a finish such as ceiling paint for a bathroom.

The false ceiling

The false ceiling

Finally, in some other cases, it may be necessary to create a false ceiling. In this case, it is no longer a question of covering the existing ceiling but of creating a new one on top of the existing one. This solution makes it possible to redo the electricity, add lighting, etc. can make it with plasterboard or PVC. Once installed, a finish will need to be applied.

Wallpaper, fiberglass, and non-woven


It is also possible to put wallpaper in a bathroom, provided it is resistant to humidity. Nevertheless, it is preferable to use it to dress a bathroom wall. For the ceiling, it is better to turn to fiberglass or non-woven. This solution hides cracks. Some of them are especially suitable for damp and anti-mold rooms.

What color for the bathroom ceiling?

Bathroom-ceiling ideas

For bathroom ceiling ideas, white is a safe bet. In this way, the ceiling is forgotten and does not crush the space. White will bring brightness, especially if your bathroom has no window.
However, if you still want to put a color on the ceiling of your bathroom, if it is rather low, opt for a light color. To be able to afford a darker color, it must be high enough.

What lights for the bathroom ceiling?

lights for the bathroom ceiling

Once your ceiling has been refurbished, you can look into the question of light fixtures for your bathroom. They will have to be chosen neatly because they are of great importance. Indeed, they must allow you to see well wherever you are in the bathroom.

Ceiling lighting is, therefore, a possibility. You can, for example, opt for a chandelier with several spotlights that you can point in different directions to illuminate all the spaces in your bathroom. Recessed spotlights are also a good solution since you can distribute them in different places in the bathroom. If you prefer, you can favor a chandelier or a ceiling light. Be sure to choose a powerful bulb to illuminate the space.

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It is also recommended to install lighting at the level of the mirror. This allows you to take advantage of good light for applying make-up, for example.

Whether you have a construction or bathroom renovation project, the decoration of the ceiling remains important. Choosing any moisture-resistant material to dress the fifth wall is not enough. Follow our bathroom ceiling ideas in terms of colors and fixtures, and you will see the difference.