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Best color for bedroom walls

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Do you know chromotherapy? This alternative medicine, which comes from India and China, treats sleep and stress disorders by exposing individuals to specific colors.
Why not transpose this technique to your bedroom to sleep better? In addition to meditation or ASMR (relaxation by listening to soft noises like whispers), the color of your walls or furniture may influence your sleep quality.
We interviewed two experts to find out which colors of paint or wallpaper to choose in a bedroom for those who have trouble falling asleep.

What colors help you sleep better at night?

What colors help you sleep better at night

Purple: the color of sleep

bedroom purple

It is a color that is not widespread, but purple benefits well-being and promotes sleep.

Sophie Mouton-Brisse, decorator and color expert, author of DécoBox, colors, and well-being ( Ed. Eyrolles, 2017), confirms rest and meditation.”

For this, the decorator advises betting on a “true deep purple, even an indigo” to line the bedroom walls.

Sophie Jézéquel, the interior designer, finds “true purple a little too aggressive” and generally opts for “more nuanced shades like parma.”

The extra tip: you don’t have to paint all your walls the same color; color combinations are encouraged by our two experts. “Green and purple go very well together,” adds Sophie Mouton-Brisse.

Blue for a good night’s sleep

bedroom Blue

Unsurprisingly, blue is found in the list of recommended colors. “ Night Blue,” does that mean anything to you?

Well, blue, just like violet, “put the brain to rest,” reminds Sophie Mouton-Brisse. And the decorator explains: “The darker the shade, the better it works. 

To do this, our experts recommend pairing navy blue with two or three other shades of blue.

Green: a zen color

bedroom Green

Green is a zen color,” says Sophie Jézéquel, who recommends this color to promote sleep in a bedroom.

And well-being is not only psychological since it substantially affects the metabolism. As Sophie Mouton-Brisse asserts: “Green lowers blood pressure. Besides, don’t we say, go green?”

The color specialist decorator advises again to “prefer dark shades,” like “emerald green.”

The colors to avoid at all costs when you want to close your eyes

bedroom red

The colors to avoid for the bedroom are red and orange,” emphasizes Sophie Jézéquel. Red, in particular, is known for its exciting properties.

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However, these colors can find their place in a room under certain conditions; it’s all a question of proportion. “You can plan for between 70 and 80% blue or green, and complete with energetic shades“, adds Sophie Mouton-Brisse.

For this, playing with the color of the linen, the furniture, or even the headboard is possible. “ For an emerald green bedroom, you can add a red bedside lamp,” Sophie Mouton-Brisse explains.