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Low budget small cafe interior design ideas

coffee corner

Looking for a new cafe interior design idea? Have some ideas for your small cafe? This post will help you create a simple and budget friendly cafe design.

After the trend of “bar carts” which delighted cocktail lovers, it’s time to cheer up coffee lovers! So, if you too cannot imagine a world without this aromatic drink, our article will not leave you indifferent! Make some space in the gourmet square and find out how to easily set up your low budget small cafe interior design. And yes, our ideas are valid for small spaces too!

Our ideas for setting up your own coffee corner in the kitchen without spending too much

coffee corner in home

Installed in the kitchen or in another room, the coffee corner is certainly a godsend for those of you who cannot start your day without a good steaming cup. Practical and trendy, it not only allows you to drink your favorite drink at will, but also to bring a little decorative touch to the kitchen, whatever your style.

Industrial, shabby-chic, Scandinavian or country chic… the coffee corner bends according to everyone’s aesthetic desires! In short, it is the unavoidable trend of the moment that must absolutely be considered. This is why has selected the best caffeinated ideas for you that you can very easily customize according to your desires and your space.

To create a small cafe interior design in your kitchen or living room, find an empty space to exploit where you can install your coffee machine and all the other essential accessories. Indeed, whether you have a coffee maker, a coffee machine or a bottle, your little corner promises great sensations for you and your guests. So organize it as you see fit.

The objective is to create a tailor-made atmosphere in which you can relax and recharge your batteries a little on a daily basis. Once the corner to be exploited has been chosen, several decorative ideas are available to you: install shelves or iron bars for cups and utensils, opt for mismatched dishes, hang a slate to write down notes or recipes , transform an old wooden piece of furniture into a bar cabinet, etc.

Wooden open shelves

Depending on personal desires and, of course, the space you plan to fit out, you can take advantage of a wide range of storage solutions. To infuse unparalleled charm into your kitchen and your coffee corner at the same time, display your crockery on open wooden shelves . Whatever the existing decor in your kitchen, open storage will adapt perfectly. They offer better visibility and considerably optimize the work plan. On the latter, you can place the coffee machine, an airtight jar filled with sweets and a pretty vase filled with flowers.

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Create a decorative and practical slate wall

Liven up your coffee corner and your kitchen with slate paint , which will transform any space in your interior into a pretty writing surface. Being an excellent memory support, it will allow you to write down your cooking recipes and write down any other important information according to your particular needs. The blackboard wall will bring a touch of original fantasy to your interior decoration and will make your “coffee station” even more awesome.

Which bar cabinet to choose to create a low budget small cafe interior design?

coffee corner in the kitchen

How about reinventing a piece of furniture to serve coffee? Some coffee lovers do not hesitate to divert a simple console into a small place dedicated to the consumption of coffee / tea. For maximum comfort, they added a few stools. A way to take a break at any time of the day.

The sideboard is another good idea to consider. Being a practical piece of furniture, it guarantees you plenty of storage space, while offering you a nice surface to use. As already mentioned, this surface can very easily be transformed into a nice practical worktop. Put down your multi-drink type machine, espresso service and decorate as you wish.

Do you own a solitary chest of drawers? Don’t throw it away! Give it a second life with just a few brushstrokes. Just like the wooden sideboard, your chest of drawers will make a superb coffee bar! And for really tight spaces where optimization is a must, a simple plank of wood hung horizontally on the wall will do the trick. To be combined with shelves and stools, it will make a coffee corner that is both practical and aesthetic!

For a mobile beverage area, opt for a kitchen cart instead. Placed in the entrance, the dining room or the living room, your tasting area will be anything but banal! Now get inspired by the rest of our low budget small cafe interior design ideas and create your own!

Give the beverage area a festive and chic look with a few decorative accessories

  • Kitchen trolley in marble and gilded stainless steel for a designer coffee corner
  • Country-chic style coffee area set up in an open kitchen
  • The coffee corner leaves the kitchen to settle in the living room
  • Integrated coffee area
  • A decor that is anything but banal!
  • Slate wall and white trolley
  • Metal shelves and cup holder
  • Small gourmet corner unique thanks to a simple cabinet with drawers
  • Coffee area in the dining room
  • A tailor-made atmosphere
  • The kitchen trolley put to good use