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Cheap home decor ideas for a new look

Cheap home decor ideas for a new-look

Revamp its interior at a low price ? Easy ! Check out our cheap home decor ideas to find the best suits your needs.
Does your home seem stale, and you want to revamp it, but you have a small budget ? Please do not panic ; it is quite possible to give a different touch to your decoration with almost nothing !

Revamping your decor : how to personalize it ?
The idea is to personalize your interior decoration with a more original style. No need to rush to the store to buy the shelf that all your friends already have. You will find in our ideas the look of your home decor cheap and easy !

The fibers also decorate

The fibers also decorate

Look at this idea, a round fiber rug hanging on the wall above a console table full of warmth and casual air. Easier is impossible ! You can achieve a similar result with hanging baskets or hats.

Reupholster the headboard yourself

Reupholster the headboard

The headboard is the central element of your bedroom. If you don’t have one or if the one exists doesn’t convince you… Don’t resign yourself to living with a boring headboard! There are dozens of eye-catching solutions for a small budget.

Try using sticky paper, lining it with fabric, gracefully throwing a plaid over it, salvaging an old recycled door, making one out of wooden slats, adding mirrors to the frame of an old window, choose a fabric you like and staple it to the back. You can coordinate the colors of its pattern with the bedding and even make a pillow to match.

Curtains on the porchIf you hang gauzy curtains in white tones, linen or cotton, on the porch, you will have privacy and a more welcoming look. At Ikea, you can find similar curtains.

A corner of plants

A corner of plants

There is nothing that revitalizes a home more than plants. They are the doorway to joy and freshness in the home, and contact with nature is proven to help us relax. If you add plants, you can bring your living room or bedroom to life, create a Plant Corner or Green Corner. What is? Gather several plants in the same corner to create a more impressive “little oasis” effect.

Find a bright corner and create several levels with plants of different sizes and heights. Also, play with different pots to enhance their aesthetics and refreshing effect. You can help yourself with a simple piece of furniture made of natural wood, but it is not even necessary.

Add mirrors


If you are looking for cheap decorating ideas, think that mirrors can completely change the perception of space by visually enlarging it and increasing the light in the room by reflecting it. You can use large mirrors or make compositions of several different sizes and shapes.

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In addition to facing natural light, you can place them behind a lamp to enhance their effect. Don’t forget, in addition, that you can also use them to personalize your furniture.

Change with wallpaper


Renovating the wall completely changes the room. You can choose to paint or add wallpaper, and wallpapers have become one of the most used options in recent years.
You can stick wallpaper on your fridge or wooden furniture to easily revamp them without touching the paint ! The advantage ? You can easily stick it on and take it off as you wish !

A tip : if you have a small room, it is better to add the wallpaper only on one wall. In this way, you can renew the room without reducing the space.

Renew cushions


The covers are very easy to change, and there are various prices, also “low cost”. To combine plains and prints, the trick is that they share a color and that there is a big print.

Change frames

Change frames

It is a cheap idea to decorate, and it is unnecessary to buy anything. Move the boxes and make a new composition with those you already have, playing with the sizes. Or look for prints you already have or even fabrics and scarves, and renew the tables with them.

Install moldings

Install moldings

The walls, a door or even the closet, will look new with moldings. These decorations are easy to install and allow you all kinds of designs, and they are fixed with special glue and can be painted.

Restore and release

Restore and release home

Give your old furniture a seconde chance. You can strip it, change the handles, paint it… There are stripping kits with everything you need at reasonable prices.

Change sofa covers

sofa covers

No matter how hard you try to create the perfect atmosphere in your living room, a worn or outdated sofa creates a neglected image that can ruin everything.

Why buy a new sofa out of your budget ? If you’re looking for cheap home decor ideas, have you thought about updating them with some new sofa covers ? You have many options, and they even sell them custom-made for the most popular models.

Play with light

Play with light

Accustomed to taking advantage of the slightest ray of light, they handle the interior lighting like no one else and use it to create different atmospheres. If you want to imitate them, do not limit yourself to placing a single lamp on the ceiling: this creates annoying shadows and sometimes produces flat light scenarios that can make you think of an operating room or a workshop.

Place different light points of different intensities at different heights to change the mood depending on your activity. Do not forget to add a soft and warm light to create a friendly atmosphere.

Renew textiles


Plaids, blankets, cushions, curtains, rugs, bedding, towels… the renewal of textiles can produce an incredible style in our home. They can also be moved and modified without too much expense, making them an excellent testing ground. If a room’s color palette seems bland, try introducing touches of color in the same range or, on the contrary, in contrast (for example, a blue sofa with mustard cushions).

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Also, try new textures that translate tactile sensations into view: linens, velvets, fur blankets, etc. You will completely transform the environment. Start with simple changes like adding a skirt to the curtains.

Make it by hand instead of buying it

build a shelf with wooden crates

You might be reading this list shaking your head and thinking, “Very interesting, but I failed to craft in school…” Don’t give up yet. You can do many projects with your super easy hands : build a shelf with wooden crates, make pictures with dry leaves, make your cleaning products…

Painting or removing doors


The woodwork of some old doors tends to be too dark, weighing down the space too much. Try painting them white or a light color and see the difference. Consider if this division is necessary or if you will gain visual amplitude by eliminating it and unifying the spaces.

Painting tiles

Painting tiles

Take a peek in your bathroom or kitchen. If your tiles have become dull, have stains that won’t come off, or have an outdated design, it’s time to change. Replacing them completely can be expensive, but have you thought about painting them ?

To start, sand the surface to remove the glossy layer, clean thoroughly, fill cracks, prime and paint. You can use a brush for the corners and a roller to smooth the surface. You can even paint the floor tiles : there are special paints for floors and terraces that are resistant to high friction and wear, with different components depending on the materials of the tiles.

Make yourself a shoe rack

shoe rack

A shoe cabinet is a must-have piece of furniture for your hallway, especially if you want to save space in your closet and avoid spreading germs attached to the soles of your shoes. If you don’t have one, you can make your shoe rack with fruit crates, modules or by placing wicker baskets under a long bench. You can also build it by placing wooden planks between the steps of a stepladder.

Rethink your kitchen storage

kitchen storage

A kitchen is where we usually store cooking utensils and other utensils that tend to clutter the space. Consider which items are needed, and then consider vertical storage solutions such as kitchen rails with hooks for hanging pots, magnetic strips for placing knives or floating shelves for spices and small utensils. You will get a simple workspace.

Dedicate a space to your favorite photos

decorative mural

Create a decorative mural with your favorite photos. Gather in the same area, for example, near the dining room space for your photos. Change the photo frames to ones of the same tone, for example, black, but of different sizes.
A good idea to give more importance to this piece is to put them above some shelves instead of hanging them. Very easy, buy several shelves, which are thin enough not to take up space and add the photo frames. Ideal !

Change your floors

Change your floors

If your wooden floor is too dark or too worn, you can always restore it to its original color or paint it white or light grey. The process is similar to what you have seen before for painting tiles. Sand to remove any polish or wax, clean the floor thoroughly, apply stick wax to cover any scratches or damage, apply a coat of primer (you can skip this step if using two-component resins) and paint over it. There are special paints for wood that give very good results.

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Make an organizer board

organizer board

Would you like space to hang small items on the walls but find the shelves too bulky or boring ? Make yourself an organizer panel from circular rods that fit into holes where you can place small boards as shelves at your convenience. Pegboard is a solution that is as flexible as it is decorative and creative.

Hide the cables

Hide the cables

The cables of all our electronic devices are, for the moment, essential ; if you have stored them, try to hide them in a colored box or a basket in natural fibers. If they’re visible and not particularly pretty, try covering them up by wrapping around them suede yarn in the color of your choice or, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, crochet a custom cover.

Add a blackboard in the children’s area

blackboard in the children's area

If there’s something kids love, it’s painting and more on the wall. For this reason, there are more and more options for children to have fun, let their creativity run free in their rooms, and even paint on the wall. One option is to paint an entire play area wall with chalkboard paint or just a specific area.

This way, kids can draw as much as they want without making a mess. The advantage of this paint is that it can also be used to paint furniture or kitchen jars. So you can easily identify all the spices without needing to print labels.

Decorate with bottles

Decorate with bottles

Some humble glass bottles have many more decorative applications than you might suspect. Try to combine them, mix different colors and heights, paint them, take them outside… Here is a wonderful decoration on your living room table.

Everything in order

Everything in order home deco

Order is very important in a home and even more so in the work area. Renew the space by changing small accessories such as filing cabinets ; This is one of the most affordable options.

Replace curtains with blinds

Replace curtains with blinds

At home, you have surely always had curtains. A good way to renovate a space is to start with textiles, and nothing better than doing it through the windows first. Renew and change the curtains by blinds. There are many blinds : roller blinds, translucent, opaque, fabric… To choose the right one, we recommend that you first look at the style of the space where you will integrate the blinds.

Once you have identified the type of style you have, as well as the colors that predominate in the room, it is time to choose the blind. The good thing about blinds is that they are generally less expensive than curtains.

A tip : measure the window well and calculate 10 cm more below and 5 on the sides so that the blinds are wide and highlighted.