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How to maintain your swimming pool during the holidays?

maintain your swimming pool during the holidays

When you go on vacation or during any extended absence, the question of pool maintenance arises (Clean your swimming pool). We invite you to find out what solutions are available to you in this case, to enjoy your holidays with peace of mind and find your swimming pool with water as clear as the last time you used it.

How to maintain your swimming pool during the holidays?

maintain your swimming pool

Call someone you know

Of course, the first solution is to call on someone you know to take care of the maintenance of your pool. It can be a family member, a relative, or neighbor. The main thing is that you can trust this person. It will be enough for him to come between once and twice a week for the duration of your absence. It is a simple and effective solution that can be appreciated by the person in charge of this mission since it can be an opportunity for them to take advantage of a short swim if the weather is favorable.
It is also possible to call on a specialist who will take care of the maintenance of your swimming pool during your absence. Although this is a relatively expensive solution, it can be an excellent option to be sure to find your pool spotless when you return.

Deal before you leave

How to maintain your swimming pool during the holidays

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If you do not have a solution of this kind, but also depending on your pool, it is possible to leave it on its own, provided that you first carry out a certain number of actions that will allow you to enjoy it as soon as you return.

Treat your pool with salt

Treat your pool with salt.

You are in the simplest case if you have a salt pool. Indeed, it is possible to use an electrolyzer, an automatic Treatment system. Thus, the maintenance of your water will continue even in your absence.

Manually treat your pool

Manually treat your pool.

When you leave for more than a week, here is what you can do the day before your departure:

  • Clean your swimming pool and the various equipment. Clean the walls and the water line, maintain the skimmers, the filter, etc. If necessary, add water until it reaches the level of the skimmer. Analyze and check your water.
  • The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.4.
  • The lime level is also essential. It is checked by measuring the water hardness or TH and must be between 10°f and 25°f.
  • The chloride level should be between 1.5 and 2 mg/l.

– You can carry out an anti-algae Treatment as a preventive measure.
– When leaving, if your pool is equipped with a roller shutter or an opaque cover, you can close it during your absence. Thus, your pool will be protected from airborne particles, insects, leaves, etc., that could settle on the water’s surface. However, if you only have a bubble cover, it is best not to cover your pool with it while you are away. Indeed, this type of tarpaulin contributes to the rise in temperature of the water, which risks encouraging the development of algae.
– Technically, let the filtration work ideally two times and during the day. Check your pool’s filter cycle programming. For the duration, it will depend on the temperature of your water:

  • If it is between 16 and 24°, filtration must be active for 8 hours. That is 4 o’clock in the morning, 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • If it is between 24 and 27°, filtration must be active for 12 hours.
  • If it is between 27 and 30°, filtration must be active for 20 hours.

In addition, it is recommended to use a Treatment that allows long-term chlorination. These are slowly dissolving chlorine tablets. Depending on the volume of water in your pool, the treatment can last between 2 and 3 weeks. You can find holiday packs on the market that allow you to take advantage of multifunctional products to maintain your swimming pool.
Even if you take all these precautions, plan a can of shock Treatment. By having it at hand, you will be able to act quickly if, on your return, you discover that the water has turned.

Treat your pool with active oxygen.

Clean your swimming pool and the various equipment

If you are used to treating your swimming pool with active oxygen, it is possible to opt for a chlorine Treatment during your absence. This exceptional Treatment is compatible with active oxygen. On your return, you have to resume the usual Treatment after having, if you wish, dechlorinated your swimming pool with a product provided for this purpose.

Treat your pool with PHMB

pool water is usually done with PHMB

If the Treatment of your pool water is usually done with PHMB, it is not necessary to add any product. Before you leave, you only need to check the PHMB level. It must be equivalent to 30 mg/l. This solution has the advantage of being active only in the presence of a bather in the water so that you can leave serenely even for 3 weeks. In addition, PHMB does not evaporate.

Good gestures when you return

Good gestures when you return

If it is necessary to prepare for your departure, it is also essential to maintain your swimming pool as soon as you return. This involves cleaning the filters. Even though the water in the swimming pool may seem clean to you, it may be useful or preferable to resort to shock Treatment. In this case, leave the filtration system running at full speed until the end of the shock treatment. After that, you can enjoy your swimming pool to the full again and make the holiday spirit last.