Beauty salon

Low budget beauty salon interior design

beauty salon interior design

Achieving a low budget beauty salon interior design is very important to provide a relaxing effect and invite your customers to take care of them.
Indeed, what could be better than to be able to practice your profession with passion in a pleasant setting and perfect harmony with your needs and personality?

This article is for you if:
You have just acquired a new space that you would like to adapt to your image by drawing inspiration from the latest trends in decoration.
You want to breathe new life into your existing beauty center.
This article contains beauty salon interior design ideas that suits your low budget.

Which decor to adopt for your beauty salon?

When planning the interior of your beauty salon, we know you’ll want to make the most of the space you have. You will need to consider the needs of your clients and staff to ensure you create a comfortable and relaxing space.

beauty salon decor
We suggest you place an elegant reception counter near the entrance of your beauty center. Customers will clearly know where to check in or make an appointment when they enter. Ensure the counter is clean and free of letters, customer information, and clutter. Otherwise, it may seem unprofessional and disorganized to your clients.

If possible, keep reception away from treatment areas so that guests do not intrude on each other’s privacy. In addition, if someone has a reservation for a beauty treatment that they feel a little embarrassed about, they may not want to mention it in front of the whole beauty salon.

You can also place a magazine rack in this area to help your customers relax while they wait for you. In this area, display products your customers can buy, such as shampoos and gift boxes, to boost your brand.

Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

cleanliness hair salon

As we mentioned, decorating beauty salons is key in claiming customers. Many people like to “get lost” in beauty salons, which is why the look of this one must be perfect. In a hair salon, order and cleanliness must always take precedence, although other inexpensive details can help you in decorating:

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Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

  • Framed photographs: The photographs on the walls can add a very personal look to your beauty center and also serve to show your customers some of the best images of your beauty salon.
  • Product windows: The product windows are used to decorate the spaces left empty in the hairdressing salon. These windows can also serve as a point of sale and presentation of the products sold in the beauty center.
  • Plants and flowers: plants and flowers are used to harmonize spaces, offices, houses, etc. It was not going to be less at the hairdressers! They convey a lot of peace, creating harmony in environments and aesthetics in interior design with natural color accents.

These ideas for decorating a beauty salon without spending much money are very cheap and will surely add a special touch to your center.

Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas

A new low budget beauty salon interior design can’t be improvised overnight, and it’s only natural that many questions come to mind.
Also, where to start? But above all, how to determine the style of choice for your future beauty salon decoration?

Choose the style of decoration

beauty salon interior

Before you start, it will be essential to predefine the style you want to adopt for your beauty salon interior decoration, whether it be:

  • Rétro
  • Moderne
  • Industrialist
  • Eclectic

The choice of colors

Beauty Salon Interior decor

You will then have to take an interest in the choice of colors or materials, especially regarding the floor, mainly used in hairdressing.
For example: should I prefer tiles or waxed concrete for the floor of my beauty salon rather than a parquet to benefit from the time I spend maintaining it.

The selection of furniture

furniture salon

Finally, the furniture and decorative objects will set the tone for the style of your low budget beauty salon interior design.
Indeed, the furniture and objects you choose to perfect the decoration of your hair salon will have all their importance, from the seat where your customers will sit to wait while enjoying a drink and their favorite magazine to the chair where they will have their hair done, to the reception counter or shelves to showcase your products.

Do not neglect luminaires

beauty salon luminaires

As far as decoration is concerned, focus in the first place on luminaires.
Keep in mind that some of the key positions in your beauty salon, especially the one where you work with scissors and hair clipper, should not lack brightness!
Think of light letters for extra lighting that goes off the beaten track in every way.

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Decorate with beautiful mirrors

beauty salon decor mirrors

As for the mirrors, if you opt for a retro style, the dressing room or barbershop mirrors will be pretty appropriate.

Once these essential points are addressed, you will have all the time to devote yourself to the small decoration of your beauty salon.
You can decorate it with photo frames or posters in line with your new salon interior design style.

Styles to decorate your beauty salon

If you’re wondering how to decorate a beauty center, pay attention to some of the most current design styles.

Decoration of modern hair salon

modern hair salon

Simple lines and clean spaces characterize modern decoration. If you are looking for a modern style decoration, we recommend you to opt for simple furniture in solid colors, such as white, black or grey.
In addition, in this design style, we play a lot with geometric shapes and without accessories and details, especially those that are not functional.

Beauty salon in retro style

The retro style is very much in vogue regarding interior design.

This design style is composed of bizarre shapes and combinations of colors and textures, brightness and originality: plastic figurines and vinyl records, paintings and photographs of cities, lava lamps and sofa-shaped lips, a variety of glass, plastic, metal, and synthetic materials (artificial leather and velvet), pearl curtains and asymmetrical patterns.

Industrial interior of your beauty center

Industrial interior of your beauty center

What if you were to consider creating a cozy space in your low budget beauty salon interior design?
In recent years, the industrial style has become increasingly popular, and it is easy to understand why. The look is based on combining the best aspects of old-world charm with modern elegance. It’s a perfect compromise.

Here are 10 practical tips for a good layout

1. The showcase is your first communication tool. It must clearly and clearly present the necessary information: name (company name), services offered, schedules, practical information, promotions…
2. Meet accommodation standards for people with reduced mobility
3. The layout must allow for an easy journey for the client from one area to another
4. Consider reserving space to put your bag at the cash register when cashing
5. The bin space must be welcoming for customers (lighting, music, olfactory atmosphere…) and functional for the team (accessibility to products, towels, stock…)
6. Professional products for resale must be accessible for customers to touch
7. Think of sites to promote promotions and new products
8. Remember to put hooks for handbags!
9. Install hair traps
10. Remember to keep space at the styling bench and bin for better movement