Luxury white and gold bathroom ideas

Luxury white and gold bathroom ideas

Soothing and chic, white takes over our bathrooms. Tiled floors, paint, or marble are dressed in a sleek look to create a zen and modern atmosphere. Applying a few touches of gold to your decoration can transform your bathroom into an exceptional place. The key is knowing where to place them. Today, offers you to discover luxury white and gold bathroom ideas.

Sometimes considered cold and impersonal, white has its detractors, especially in the bathroom. Yet color is known to make the space more bright and large. See how to multiply the powers of the white without falling into its faults. Effects and finishes games, contrasting floor or wall covering choice, furniture, accessories, paint. No matter where you put them, golden accents tend to make things more sophisticated than they are.

The luxury gold bathroom: the exceptional decoration

luxury gold bathroom

In fashion and decoration, the golden color is an eternal “must have”. Over the years, this exclusive finish, synonymous with luxury and sophistication, has returned to homes to stay. However, in gold, “less is more,” so she does it in a subtle, concrete, and practical way. To highlight and give a more sophisticated look to your bathroom, it is also advisable to use this tone only in small doses. The latest trends in home decor are pushing to go for gold finishes on particular elements or points in the home.

What elements of the bathroom to adopt in gold?

elements of the bathroom to adopt in gold

Gold will have to appear in small touches in the bathroom to be in the times.

The mirror

An essential element of the bathroom, the mirror has been reinventing itself in this room for several years to become a decorative element in its own right.
This is also one of the best places to add a secondary color for decorative purposes. A gilded mirror frame will add a bit of subtlety.

Moreover, round mirrors have been ultra-trendy lately. Choose a round mirror with golden edges to reveal your room’s splendor! White and gold take the bathroom one step further. It changes classic and modern flavors, creating an attractive bathroom.

Do you also have a preference for vintage? A large mirror with a frame with golden moldings is also quite possible in a bathroom!
It’s up to you to choose the style that suits you and to mix the different golden elements without overdoing it.

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Fixtures and handles

As you know, beauty is in the details. Therefore, we advise you to add golden accents on small elements, particularly the lights and handles. Bathrooms with gold fixtures will look exceptionally luxurious and aesthetic.

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with high ceilings, hanging lights are for you. They can reveal all the room’s charm by accentuating the perspective.
Of course, gold and light go hand in hand, which will undoubtedly give a warm touch to the room.


There is another solution to add some golden notes to your bathroom. It’s a decorative trick that will make your room luxurious. Replace your silver or chrome faucets and showers with gold elements. The golden taps, you had to think about it! However, there lies all the charm of a bathroom decorated with style. You will see an immediate and remarkable change.

Discover the luxury white and gold bathrooms

Discover the luxury white and gold bathrooms


This Aurelia bathroom is characterized by the use of marble tiles and attractive black furniture. Some lighter elements, such as the white bathtub, the white marble effect tiles, and the golden taps, complete this magnificent set. The Aurelia bathroom is a real gem and exudes luxury while maintaining a certain simplicity!


The Biserka bathroom combines two styles to create the Japandi style. The Scandinavian style (light tones and clean lines) and the Japanese style (dark wood and contrasting textures). The two styles together create a warm atmosphere in this bathroom for a feeling of pure well-being.


Do you think of black faucets when you think of industrial products? It’s not necessary! In the Septarian bathroom, the gold-colored taps form a nice contrast to the white wall tiles. The set gives an impression of tenderness and modern style with a touch of luxury.


This white bathroom is dressed in white wall tiles, which contrast nicely with the accessories like the golden taps giving the bathroom a luxurious atmosphere. The chic hotel style has something to impress!


This Diaspore bathroom is simply stunning. Its marble elements, golden accessories, and clean lines transform into a proper little private paradise in no time.


This luxury bathroom comprises chic products: a gold-colored faucet, natural stone tiles, and rich colors. Let your creative spirit flow and create a place of total relaxation.

Gold and white bathroom in minimalism

Gold and white bathroom in minimalism

As said above, it is better to avoid overloading to avoid ending up with a bathroom type “one thousand and one nights” or royal palace.
Minimalism is, therefore, crucial for successful decor.

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Golden patterned elements, moldings, overloaded handles, and golden trinkets are avoided as much as possible. Simplicity leads to a much more stunning result.