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Small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

rustic bathroom

Bathrooms can be beautiful places. Small changes can make the difference without the need for a big budget (or a big bathroom), making your bathroom more relaxing with rustic-style decor. Whether with small elements or a furniture renovation, creating a rustic atmosphere in the bathroom is accessible to everyone! Here are small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget on how to make it the most beautiful room in your house…

13 great ideas to transform your rustic bathroom

transform your rustic bathroom

Turn an old wooden ladder into a towel rack

Saw off the legs of an old ladder, leaned it against the wall, and then hung your towels on it. This patina effect gives an authentic side to your bathroom, which then takes on the air of a cottage.

Affirm your tastes with your shower curtain

The first thing you see when you walk into your bathroom is your shower curtain. So what do you expect as a reaction from people who set foot there? If you have a plain white curtain, which must have been grey for the time you’ve had it, it’s time to GET RID OF IT and replace it with a more colourful curtain. Fun print or rustic and cool design, a pretty shower curtain makes all the difference.

Put your cotton in jars

Rather than keeping your cotton balls or swabs in their plastic bag, beautify your bathroom by storing them in old jars! If you’re feeling creative, you can make a wall out of little jars.

Add a cool toilet roll holder

Everything in your bathroom can make a difference. Why wouldn’t this include the toilet roll holder? We love this one in old pipes, which gives a vintage look to your toilets.

Opt for a fancy seat

It’s so depressing to have a plain white seat. They represent your chance to be creative, so opt for something with warm colors. Not only will it bring your restroom back to life, but it will also be a great way to start a conversation with your guests!

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Give your mirror an ethnic touch


Bring your primary mirror back to life by adding a simple frame around it, which you can customize. Use paint to give it the same look as your bathroom, or decorate it with twigs or wood to give it a natural touch if you’re feeling creative.

Roll up your towels and keep them in a basket

Instead of folding your towels over a radiator or a towel rack, why not roll them in a basket instead? This will give the room a spa-like feel (especially if your towels are all the same tones)!

Show off your toiletries

Some soaps, bath balls or effervescent salts are very colourful, so why not show them off?! Please put them in transparent jars; they will brighten up your rustic bathroom. You can also nest them in baskets or line them up on a wooden shelf.

Choose a nice rug

Bathroom tiles can be so boring… why not spruce it up with a nice cosy rug? For example, force the contrast with a beautiful, nuanced carpet – this will make your bathroom worthy of the most beautiful shots!

Put a touch of colour with an “accent” wall

With a small bathroom, trying new things can quickly become complicated (especially if you can’t take two steps in it)! Focusing on the walls is a good idea. Instead of keeping them plain, why not paint a wall in a bold color, or use an elaborate stencil? This will give your room a stylish edge without taking up too much space!

Use a spice rack to store your beauty products and nail polish

It’s easy to do for a very nice result! You only need to attach a simple wooden spice rack to the wall! This is the perfect place to display your nail polish colors and other small beauty products!

A wooden bathtub tower

In addition to making it easier for you to access your products, your books or even for a small glass of wine while you relax in your bath, a wooden tray also allows you to give a nice warm note, especially if you put a candle.

Add shelves ANYWHERE

Above the door, ON the door, above the sink, under the medicine cabinet, no location should be overlooked, especially if you need space! If everything is neat, you will avoid messing, and the shelves will dress up your walls.


The rustic bathroom is perfect for those who want to replicate the luxury of a luxurious spa but with decor inspired by nature. In addition to a relaxing bath, the rustic bathroom will transport you to a simple, serene world that will quickly become your own personal sanctuary.