Top 3 Color Trends you Need to know About for 2022

color trends in 2022

Some color trends are timeless – black, white, cream, and gray – while others come and go in waves.

Shutterstock’s color trends for 2022 successfully walk the line between bold and timeless, ensuring that the predicted color trend palette will have longevity and relevance well into the future.

Based on global research, Shutterstock’s Color Trends report has identified three key trends in color palettes – Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold, and Tidewater Green.

For years, brands and agencies have used bright colors to stand out in crowded content. However, this year, creatives are forced to develop more targeted strategies.

Flo Lau, creative director of Shutterstock, said. We choose bright colors that give hope that positive changes are coming.

The current selection of downloads reflects a shift in creative thinking, leaving behind the bright, saturated hues that characterized 2021 and entering 2022 with a rich, natural palette that represents new opportunities and, more simply, a desire to get out and about.

Those planning to redecorate, paint, or renovate their homes in the next 12 months may want to consider painting their walls, upholstering their furniture, or covering their beds in these colors.

1. Set Sail Champagne

color trends

The simple pleasures take the Set Sail Champagne palette in life that we miss, such as bubbles and bridesmaid dresses.

The colors are natural shades, reflecting orange’s soft, white tones. The palette of browns, taupe, and greens, in particular, can be used to coordinate with any outfit.

2. Fortuna gold

color trends

This color is inspired by Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck. It is a warm, deep shade inspired by the golden hour sunlight and the autumn leaves of street trees.

For a softer look, it can be mixed with cerulean blue or earthy colors, such as champagne set sail.

3. Tidewater green

color trends

Tidewater Green is a deep, melted blue-green that is as gentle as ocean wave currents. The color wheel corresponds to the hybrid color called Orange Red.

It can also be used as a base for lighter palettes, such as soft lavender or modern sage green.

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