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What colors to choose in a bedroom to sleep well?

bedroom to sleep well

Today we show you what color to choose on your bedroom walls to sleep well. Because if you didn’t know, colors have an important influence on our brain. It has been proven that there is a close link between the color of the walls and our sleep quality.

Do you think hospital walls, always painted white, are a pure coincidence? Of course not! The choice of colors in the bedroom can soothe as much as it can excite! Since I painted my room sage green, I feel much more zen. And you, what paint color will you choose for the bedroom?

Here are 27 colors to choose from to sleep well in your bedroom. Look :

What kind of colors does sleep, OK?

What kind of colors does sleep

As I told you, some colors allow you to sleep better, others less. Some colours evoke relaxation, while others stimulate your mind and keep you awake. They have undeniable psychological power. For example, an orange, duck yellow or fuchsia ceiling color does not promote falling asleep. Overall, muted colours are best for your bedroom walls. It is better to have so-called “sedative” colors in our little cocoons to find sleep more easily. We are talking about cosy colours like blue, purple, mauve, pink or green.

They are relaxing, soft and soothing, especially for the children’s room. And since we are talking about paints, we prefer to use ecological products. Yes, yes, it exists. You can even make your own.

Colors to avoid for good sleep You have understood it well, specific colors are “sedative” while others are anxiety-provoking. Some colors are therefore clearly to be avoided, whether for the parental bedroom, the children’s bedroom or the baby bedroom. What are these stressful colors, will you tell me? Generally, colors that are too bright should be avoided in bedrooms.

These include bright reds and oranges, which are considered very energetic colours. Bright or neon pinks and purples can also be too stimulating when you’re looking to relax. If you want a bright colour, plan to take a more muted variant. For example, bright purple can replace lavender and fiery red with soft salmon. Depending on the layout of your home, choose bright colours in other rooms.

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Reserve the most energetic colors for your office or the children’s playroom. Ah yes, it’s not just the color that influences your mood. The finish of the paint also plays an important role. Too shiny a finish, for example, can reflect light and stimulate your brain rather than calm it. So, I prefer to take flatter paints.

1. Blue

bedroom Blue to sleep well

Come on; I’ll give you the most soothing colour to sleep well. It’s blue! When you think about it, it seems obvious: blue evokes the sea and the sky in our subconscious. This cold color reduces blood pressure and calms our pulsations, just the opposite of red. Moreover, know that in chromotherapy, it is the color blue is chosen to treat insomnia. Numerous studies recognize its therapeutic effects.

2. Wine-red

bedroom Wine-red

The wine color is not well known. However, it is increasingly used by decoration specialists. Indeed, this color goes perfectly well with more neutral shades such as white or beige. Above all, wine-coloured wine gives your bedroom a warm and cosy character.

3. Pink

bedroom Pink to sleep well

Derived from red, the color pink remains much softer and more relaxing. This warm color is also widely used on the walls of certain sensitive areas. This is the case, for example, in psychiatric and prison environments or to soothe hyperactive children.

4. Midnight blue bedroom

bedroom Midnight blue to sleep well

Midnight blue is a deep, dark color, unlike the more oxygenating cyan blues. This darker tone is perfect for influencing our cognitive functions to go into sleep mode. More broadly, always choose so-called muted blues (warm color) for the bedroom walls.

5. Fir green

bedroom Fir green to sleep well

Green is a cold color with multiple benefits. It soothes, calms, and helps to regain certain well-being. Green recalls nature and puts us in a relaxing atmosphere. Painting your walls with this color allows you to recharge your batteries.

6. Gray

bedroom Gray to sleep well

Gray is a very aesthetic all-purpose color. Its chic side goes very well with other more striking colors, such as yellow.

7. Sage green

bedroom Sage green to sleep well

The softer the tone of green on the wall, the more it gives an effect of serenity. And sage green responds perfectly to this; this neutral green is perfect for having a zen bedroom.

8. Bottle green

bedroom Bottle green

Bottle green has 2 advantages. It helps moderate children’s excitement while being a playful color.

9. Purple

bedroom purple

Purple is often associated with zen and spiritual settings like meditation rooms. This color, derived from red and blue, is relaxing and warm.

10. Purple

bedroom Purple 2

Not to be confused with purple, the color mauve is credited with aphrodisiac effects. A very appropriate choice for an adult bedroom…

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11. White

bedroom White to sleep

White is a refuge color. Its neutral tone invites calm and tranquillity, which promotes sleep.

12. Light Gray

bedroom Light Gray

Nothing is sweeter than putting light grey on your walls. This color promotes relaxation and relaxation.

13. Mustard Yellow

bedroom Mustard Yellow

Bright yellow paint is not advisable for bedroom walls. But this does not mean that all yellows are to be avoided. Slightly darker and deeper yellows, such as mustard yellow, can be used very well. It is the most beautiful effect in a child’s or teenager’s room.

14. Mole

bedroom Mole

The taupe color adapts to all spaces with a clear, soft, and aesthetic tone. This color is perfect for falling asleep.

15. Black and White

bedroom color Black and White

White sheets and a black wall as headboards are a lovely mix for sleeping well. In addition, it is very trendy and modern.

16. Patchwork of colors

bedroom Patchwork

Combining several light colors on your walls is possible. These soothing colors match perfectly and make the space soothing.

17. Terracotta

bedroom Terracotta

Increasingly used paint, this warm color exalts the room while allowing you to sleep better.

18. Pink and Green

bedroom Pink and Green

Chic and sober, the combination of these 2 colors is the most beautiful effect in a bedroom.

19. Beige

bedroom color Beige

Do you want a cocooning and peaceful space for your bedroom? Replace the traditional white color with beige, as decorating pros do.

20. Brown

bedroom Brown

Do you have rustic bedroom furniture made of natural materials? The color brown, light or dark, goes perfectly with this atmosphere. It gives a warm effect to the room.

21. Pastel Pink

bedroom Pastel Pink

The pastel can be declined in several colors. But it’s pink that wins out when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Serenity, softness and finitude: this is what this color provides.

22. Clay Earth

bedroom Clay Earth

Very elegant and pleasing to the eye, the clay color offers authenticity and well-being. It’s not for nothing that it was voted color of the year 2021 by professionals. Applied alone or mixed with other tones, this paint sublimates your space.

23. Almond green

bedroom Almond green

Almond green, which is none other than pastel green, perfectly complements the walls of a bedroom. Its very soft color calls for plenitude. Combine this light green with light pink for a very chic bedroom.

24. Tan

bedroom Tan

We don’t have to choose a blue shade for boys and pink for girls! Beige adapts to all genres in a children’s room. This color is mixed. This shade does not go out of fashion and is very aesthetic.

25. Water green

bedroom Water green

Like its cousins ​​of the same tone, the green water color is restful and relaxing. It also gives your room an exotic side.

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26. Dark Gray

bedroom Dark Gray

The deep shade of dark gray brings a natural cocooning touch to your bedroom. Combine this color with wooden or gold furniture to enhance the atmosphere.

27. All walls are the same color

A little decoration advice. To highlight the volumes of your room, always paint your walls with different colors. In addition, it is much more aesthetic.

7 tips for better sleep in the bedroom

In addition to choosing soothing colors on your walls, here are 7 tips for creating a bedroom conducive to sleep:

  • If the room configuration allows it, place the head of the bed towards the north.
  • Do not put it in front of a door or near a window. The great masters of Feng Shui would tell you that the positive waves would not circulate well enough!
  • Do not stick your bed near the heater; it does not help to find or sleep.
  • Keep a low, low temperature in the bedroom.
  • Install blackout curtains to prevent light from entering the room.
  • Installed dimmers that you can dim when you start to relax.
  • Finally, leave smartphones, tablets and laptops outside your bedroom for a better rest. Same for food.